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2021 year


  • Acquaintance with all BeNeLux companies in Kazakhstan;
  • Participation in the EU Business Platform chaired by the Prime Minister;
  • Creation of a website and monthly newsletter;
  • Presentation of the Chamber at receptions at Embassies, through the media and by sending letters to various institutions and organizations;
  • Development of a strategic plan for 2022-2025;
  • Meetings with government representatives;
  • Participation in intergovernmental meetings;
  • Creation of internal committees;
  • First annual general meeting.
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    2022 year



    Active participation in intergovernmental commissions between Kazakhstan and the BeNeLux countries.


    Round tables, working breakfasts, lunches, dinners.


    Economic missions to Kazakhstan and the BeNeLux countries.


    Media support for the activities of BeNeLux countries and their companies (monthly publications and publicity in social networks).


    Interaction with the Embassies of Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg in the Republic of Kazakhstan.