The BeNeLux Chamber of Commerce in the Republic of Kazakhstan took part in the “Taste of Tomorrow” conference in Almaty

On May 30, 2024, ``Denis Van den Weghe, President of the BeNeLux Chamber of Commerce in Kazakhstan, spoke at the "Taste of Tomorrow" conference organized by ``Puratos Kazakhstan in Almaty.

In his speech, Denis Van den Weghe expressed deep gratitude to Puratos, represented by ``Natalia Petrenko, Regional Director Russia, Central Asia, Belarus, for organizing the event.

He highlighted that Puratos, founded in Belgium in 1919, is now an international group leading in the production of high-quality ingredients for bakery, pastry, and chocolate products.

The President emphasized the significance of Puratos' entry into the Kazakh market. Despite being legally present in Kazakhstan for only a year, Puratos Kazakhstan launched an Innovation Center for bakers and pastry chefs in Almaty just seven months after its establishment. This is the eighth Puratos center in the CIS and the eighty-first worldwide.

The BeNeLux Chamber of Commerce in Kazakhstan actively supports companies from Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg in their activities and entry into the Kazakh market, while also helping local producers expand into the BeNeLux markets. The Chamber provides support to international investors, connects companies with local partners and authorities, facilitates dialogue, and clarifies legal norms and regulations.

Denis Van den Weghe emphasized the importance of choosing the right partners for success, quoting a Flemish proverb: "Een goede partner is van goudwaarde" ("A good partner is worth their weight in gold").

In conclusion, he wished all conference participants, who encountered over 200 people from the Central Asian Region, productive work and expressed confidence that the discussions and exchanges of ideas at the event would lead to new ideas and successful projects that will contribute to the development of the food industry in Central Asia.