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Kingdom of Belgium

Kingdom of Belgium - a highly developed industrial country in Western Europe, bordering on France south and west and Germany in the east. Area - 30 km², population as of June 528, 1, is - 2021 people. In tourist guides, Belgium appears as a country with eclectic architecture, the birthplace of the most delicious chocolate, beer and the Flemish school of painting, as well as the cradle of Art Nouveau.

The oldest of the industries is textile (over 75% of production is concentrated in Flanders). Belgium is known for the production of wool carpets and synthetic carpets.

In terms of production and export of non-ferrous metals, Belgium is one of the leaders of the European Union.

The products of the Belgian glass industry are very famous: sheet and mirror glass, special glasses and crystal. This industry is one of the few that has its own raw material base. Belgium is one of the world's largest manufacturers of diamond tools, especially drill bits. The diamond-granite industry is concentrated in Antwerp, where all diamond processing operations are carried out and both polished and industrial diamonds are produced. Antwerp is a world center not only for diamond cutting, but also for diamond trading.

Belgium is one of the leading steel producers in the EU. The Belgian ferrous metallurgy specializes in the production of car rolled products, stainless steel, billets, steel wire and other finished steel products. 

The main branches of mechanical engineering are the car assembly industry, which mainly limits the assembly of finished imported parts and assemblies; and electrical, specializing mainly in the production of power equipment.

Agriculture is highly intensive, but does not play a significant role in the country's economy.

About 80% of Belgium's trade is with the member states of the European Union. The country is moving towards diversification and expansion of trade relations with non-EU countries.

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