Bilateral Relations

Kazakh-Belgian relations

Bilateral relations between Kazakhstan and Belgium are developing progressively. Kazakhstan and Belgium adhere to similar positions on topical issues of international politics.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations, President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has made 9 visits to Belgium (in 1993, 2000, 2002, 2006, twice in 2010, in 2014, 2016 and 2018.

Kazakh-Belgian trade and economic relations originated back in 1991. Then, mutual assistance to Belgian and Kazakh companies was proclaimed as the main goal, so that they could freely enter each other's markets.

The foreign trade turnover of Kazakhstan with Belgium in 2018 amounted to 455 million US dollars (exports - 301 million, imports - 154 million), which is 58% more than in 2017 (286,6 million dollars). According to the results of 2016, the trade turnover amounted to 300,2 million dollars.

The main products imported to Belgium from Kazakhstan are non-ferrous metals, wool, textiles and textile products, base metals and products from them, products of the chemical and related industries.

The main products imported to Kazakhstan from Belgium are machinery and equipment, mechanisms, electrical equipment, mineral products, optical, photographic and other devices, textiles, food industry products, tobacco, chemical products and related industries.

The gross inflow of direct investments from Belgium to the Republic of Kazakhstan for the period from 2005 to the III quarter of 2018 amounted to 7,1 billion dollars, in 2017 - 1,05 billion dollars, in 2016 - 710,6 million dollars

In general, the main guarantee of cooperation is the desire to find mutual understanding and the ability to work with people. Then, perhaps, a better understanding will come from Belgian entrepreneurs who want to invest in Kazakhstan. It seems that the fulfillment of a number of obligations by Kazakh entrepreneurs will have a positive impact on the general trend. Since it is personal relationships that should attract new foreign investors.

There is a visit to Kazakhstan of Belgian enterprises planned in autumn 2021 with the support of the Belgian investment agencies AWEX and FIT.

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