ArcelorMittal signed a new collective agreement: what did the miners manage to achieve?

Labor disputes between miners' trade union organizations and ArcelorMittal Temirtau resumed after the November tragedy at the Abayskaya mine, when six miners died due to methane emissions

The management of JSC "ArcelorMittal Temirtau" and the leaders of trade union organizations of the steel, coal and iron ore departments of the company took part in the signing of a new collective agreement for the next three years.

“This document regulates labor relations and socio-economic issues between the employer and labor collectives, establishes additional benefits and guarantees, delimits the rights and obligations of the parties in order to ensure the efficient operation of the enterprise. The agreement comes into force on January 1, 2022 and is valid until December 31, 2024 inclusive.

During the discussion of the draft collective agreement with representatives of trade union organizations, the following innovations were introduced into it:

  • purchase of an apartment for the family of an employee who died in the line of duty;
  • payment of benefits for caring for a child under 3 years of age for men (in exceptional cases, by decision of a bilateral commission);
  • the pre-emptive right to leave one of the spouses-employees at work (in the event that both jobs of the spouses are subject to reductions);
    providing paid leave for medical screening (3 working days per year)
    providing paid leave for pregnancy registration up to 12 weeks (3 working days);
  • payment of an interest-free loan up to 1 million tenge for the restoration of housing in the event of an emergency (fire, flood);
  • In addition, the additional payment was significantly increased (sometimes twice or more) for expanding the service area and combining job duties, bonuses for the title of “Veteran of the Enterprise”, bonuses for employees on the occasion of personal anniversaries (50, 55, 60 years and beyond).

“The Collective Agreement for the next three years retains the entire range of social guarantees and benefits for employees and non-working pensioners of the current agreement. And also fundamentally new provisions were introduced into it, which should improve the social security of employees,” said Biju Nair, General Director of ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC.

Previously, the miners managed to achieve 100% indexation of wages from the inflation rate from January 1 of each year. Also in December, the coal department will pay a one-time 13th salary - regardless of the implementation of the plan of production and economic indicators. Also, miners will be able to take out a mortgage at 5% in Otbasy Bank.

Recall that the issues of financial and physical security of miners were updated after the tragedy at the Abayskaya mine, where methane was released on November 7 at 08:24. As a result, six miners who were in the face died, two were hospitalized in serious condition. According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the blame for the incident lies entirely with ArcelorMittal Temirtau JSC.